Susan S. Bank
Cuba: Campo Adentro
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Art Nexus (open link to review by Fernando Castro)

Photoeye Magazine review by George Slade

“Extraordinary . . . full of life!”   Robert Frank

“¡Qué pena! Hay tanto aún que hacer.”  Raúl Corrales

Susan Bank has photographed something that was not meant for the eye
of the camera.

Nelson Ramírez de Arellano
Photographer/Consulting Curator, Fototeca, Havana, Cuba

There is no other monograph that I know of that deals exclusively with the
ordinary life of farmers in Cuba. Overcoming obstacles from both Cuba and
the US, Susan Bank, an American photographer, successfully achieves a
humanistic bonding with an almost forgotten out-of-the-way agricultural
community in Pinar del Río Province. Bank embraces her subjects
with dignity and courage; her art is suffused with a deep interest in
relationships . . . eloquently revealing a poignant dialogue among the
campesinos and a deep ongoing affection for their animals and their land.

Ricardo Viera
Director/Curator, Lehigh University Art Galleries/Museum Operations

Susan Bank renders the details of the interiors and surrounding landscape
with a keen sense of the sculptural potential within everyday objects.
Campo Adentro is filled with lush, classic luminosity.

Lesley A. Martin
Editor and Publisher, Aperture Books

Ten families living in a valley are seen with both intimacy and distance in
Bank’s images, which are simultaneously straightforward documents and
mysteries. She reveals the intertwined lives of the farmers and their animals
and in the process often makes haunting images of life on the land.

Anne Wilkes Tucker
Curator of Photography, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

These fotos are like masks. Susan Bank is waking up Havana.

René Peña
Photographer and Curator, Havana, Cuba
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